how to become a celebrityThese days it seems everyone wants to become a celebrity. Some people have a genuine talent that they want to share with the world, whilst some just want to become famous for anything even if it means sacrificing their dignity! Some dream everyday about becoming famous and most imagine it will remain a dream for the rest of their lives.

Well what if I was to say it’s actually not hard to become a celebrity anymore?

If you look at the definition of being famous it is often defined as “to be celebrated: widely known and esteemed”.  These days becoming widely known isn’t very hard to do anymore thanks to the power of the internet.

I have worked as management for various celebrities from A-list to Z-list and have recently scaled down my company as so many people now no longer need my services to become famous. I decided to set up this website offering advice as you literally can become famous fast from the comfort of your own bedroom.

Everyday someone somewhere gets my private email address and sends me an email asking “How do I become famous?”. They often tell me how much of a good singer they are, or how good their band is, how everyone thinks they will make a great model and so on. I always have to underline to them that it isn’t actually your talent which will help you become famous but the way you market yourself. This has been the way of the industry from the very start and it will always be.

Ask yourself, how many times have you seen an actor on TV that isn’t very good? A singer with a top selling album which actually can’t sing very well? I see it a lot, everyday in fact and the key is that they became famous, or well known, due to there marketing. In days gone by you would go to someone like me or another management company that would handle all your PR work and build your public image however the main reason I have scaled my company down is the fact that so much of the ground work can now be done at home and by yourself.

Use the social networking sites to their full ability and you are already half way there. Get profiles on all the major sites (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) and make sure you friend and follow as many people as you possibly can. Remember, the more you have then the more “well known” you become which obviously means the more famous you are.

I have outlined many of the methods and strategies in my book that are used by the top companies, managers and agents to get their clients where they need to be. You really can do all this on your own till you are eventually at a point where agents will be seeking you out asking if you want representation.

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  • Amelia says:

    Watch this video and suscride and comment because i want to know if im a good singer so people watch me. Btw i talk for ages cuz im nervous n stuff cuz it was my first singing video. If you dont like it watch some of my other vt stands fot video tape. Thanks…………potatoe :)

  • Kami Wydick says:

    Hey everyone out there!!! My name is Kami and I would love to become a famous celeb sopmeday. All my friends say I’m amazing and that I have the determintation. I will do anything to get there. So please take a good long look at me.
    Thank you!! I won’t let you down!!! :)

  • Ryan Tabaque says:

    How is marketing yourself done? I’m interested in how to be famous for marketing rather than talent. In fact, it would be great to be a socialite! Any tips for self-marketing?

  • ryan says:

    hi i am ryan tabaque, can you please delete the comment i made on this article?

    I don’t want my full name showing up here. I am pretty sure I used the ip address i am using now to write that comment but I can probably give more proof of identity, like social security ID, if needed. the site’s contact email address is not working.

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