Become famous DJDo you want to be a famous DJ? Would you like to become a superstar DJ? Well, it seems that everyone guy and girl wants to be a DJ at some point in their lives. The chance of getting paid to play your favorite tunes sounds very enticing indeed. Not to mention the endless parties you will get to attend.

Well if you already know how to DJ then the next step is trying to become a famous DJ. There are several routes you can take to help you become a worldwide famous, superstar DJ!

Make a hit record

If you know how to DJ then you wont be surprised to find out that “Top DJs” like Bob Sinclar, David Guetta etc actually aren’t that special or technically gifted. They are just hot producers who make hit tracks which makes everyone believe they are amazing DJs too. The truth is most other DJs could easily do what they do, the only difference is that they don’t have a hit record or well known name to go with it. If you can make a hit record then you will be able to walk into any club in the world and charge crazy amounts of money. This is why all DJs should always produce music too.

Throw your own parties

The DJs that became famous for actually being good DJs were normally those who threw their own parties too. They would promote massive events and put their own name top of the flyer which would elevate their status massively. The bigger their nights became the more famous they became. So if you want to become a famous DJ you need to start putting on your own club nights and focusing the night on yourself. Book some big name acts to play alongside you in order to show the type of company you keep and soon people will believe you are as big as those DJs too.

Those are the main ways to help you become a famous DJ, however its not easy and it requires a lot of hard work and dedication!

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  • Daniel Suastika says:

    hey i’m trying to get really big as a dj, i want to tour and get notice but these days you have to know people or money involved, i have been djing for 1 year now with a club work but i want to become even better i even produce music too if you anything or can help me out please email back to me.

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