famous glamour modelWould you like to become a famous glamour model? These days it has been suggested that more women want to become glamour models then ever before. The money is great, you get to travel the world and live a great lifestyle too! Just remember that becoming a glamour model isnt the same as becoming a regular model!

If you are hoping to get into glamour modelling then you should pay for a really great professional shoot to be done. Get these photos to look as professional and as good as you can possibly get them as this will be what you use to get even more shoots. No agency will be able to get you any work if you don’t already have a portfolio.

Once you have some great photos then you should try and join some agencies. If an agent asks you for cash to join then you should run like the wind! This is the first sign of a scam. Sign up for as many different agencies as you can. The more presence you have online, the easier you will be found.

Once you are on the books at agencies you still need to carry on working and promoting yourself. Make sure to start your own blog or website so people can contact you directly for work too.

Be aware that you shouldn’t go completely nude too soon. It can be tempting to do a nude shoot as the money can be really good but if you actually want to become famous and have a long career as a glamour model then you should try and avoid it till later in your career. This is because once you go nude you lose all your mystery! Men want things that they can’t have and so the longer you keep your clothes on, the more they will want you. This works in real life and in glamour modelling!

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  • neo says:

    gosh i hav always wntd 2 be famous bt m nt good at singing or either acting so i gues glamour modelling is the thng 4 me i lov camera its jst sumthn i was born with plz help

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