How to become famous on youtube

These days being famous on Youtube is one of the biggest steps you can take towards being famous all round. Some people would even argue that once you are famous on Youtube you are famous in general! That is because Youtube is easily one of the most popular websites on the planet and has the potential to broadcast your face and talents to millions of people all over the world. This could be as a singer, rapper or even other talents away from music such as modelling, TV presenting, Comedy, Magic and any other talent that can be represented visually with a video.

So how do you become famous on Youtube in the first place?

Well the key is all in getting those views on your video. Having worked on the inside I can easily guarantee you that at least 40% of the views on Justin Bieber’s videos on youtube have all been generated by his management company. The marketing companies would like to have you believe they simply put the video online and it attracts all the views naturally however in the beginning you often need something to give it a kick start.

The higher up you go the more you can invest and I know some management companies will invest decent amounts of money in getting the initial few thousand views on a video which will give it a good chance of going viral.

Why does it go viral?

Well the simple fact is that regular people are more likely to click and watch something that a lot of other people have watched too. So they could see a video by an artist they have never heard of before but if it looks like it has a lot of views then they would consider it worth checking out. Even if they like it or not that is still another view to add to the count and yet another person that will remember your name if its your video. The more views you have the more likely Youtube will suggest your video to other people who are watching similar videos. This all helps to make you become famous on youtube.

So if you want to become famous on Youtube you need to get those views and there are many programs, software and services out there to help you do that!

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  • Kami Wydick says:

    Please! I would love to become famous!!!!! All my friends say that I’m pretty good. I hav another friend just the same way. We could become famous together. So please just look at us and you won’t regret it!!!!!:)

  • Abi Lewis says:

    Me and my friend love to sing, dance, act, anything we want a good career and we want to grow up doing what we love! so please!

  • alecia jansen says:

    I love justin bieber and I realy want to become famous like he did.he’s the inspiration into living my dream,and my dream is to be a singer.I love you and I always will

  • ryan says:

    I want to be a famous celebrity! I want to be on tv and be interviewed on the radio and show up on tabloids and have my own international concerts! Please make me a celebrity please!

  • Karma says:

    My bestfirend and I are starting a website because we too, like many others, have a hunger for fame. Its something Ive dreamed about forever and am doing what I can to pursue my dream. Hopefully one day you’ll hear about us. Thanks for the advice. Your site was really helpful!

  • funto says:


  • Lisaa says:

    I would love to become famous so i could help my dad out because he is diabled with heart disease and my family too. It would be fantastic to watch my dream come true. I always dreamed to be on tv acting or some sort of singinggg. I hope one day it comes true for me.!

  • daisy says:

    i realy want to become famous it is my dream ever since i was 3years old and now im 11years old im not begging i just want to sing and dance with my cousins we have a group called 4syledgirls* and we want to be heard

  • Adrian says:

    Ok Im not gonna be like everyone and beg to be famous. I’ll do what ever it takes to be famous and I’ll work very hard for it so I’m not saying pick me but I’m an option so yea,and Im really funny and cute lmao that’s what the girls say , but most likely I would love to be an actor or a soccer player

  • Jerry says:

    So I have 300 subs and 70,000 views in total and all my video’s have good ratings.. what can I do from here to promote myself from here. (im poor so paying for promo is not an option unfortunately)

  • Ethan says:

    Guys i know how to become famous it requires and courage i am a little kid and im smarter then most kids. Guys the secret is why nigahiga secret is HOLLYWOOD of course Ryan makes some videos by himself butHollywood made Inavigator Final Destination Saw and bunch of other stuff I do not wanna be famous because what if I try to buy bread at Vons and some girls guys and kids like 100s of them wwill say marry me i love you! autograph im calling Hollywood OMG and does not get bread. Kevjumba writes his own lines but I THINK IM NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE but Hollywood only films his videos but hope this helps i got lots of thumbs up on this on youtube 😀

  • abby says:

    what you do is choose anything you like, have it be, makeup, sports, music, singing, dancin, etc. if you like makeup, do a tutorial or makeup. if its sports talk about your favorite hockey team, or any other team, or the team you hate the most. music, talk about which person is good at singing, favorite band etc. singing obviously sing your favorite song. dancing, obviously do a dance or show a tutorial to a dance. or if you just wanna be famous for being funny , do a video about someone or somthing you hate and why you hate it. people will relate to you and laugh about it.

  • eliz says:

    i want to be a famous dancer like justin bieber i know he is a singer but he dance too so please

  • Chloe says:

    i’m very close to being famous. i’ve started on youtube and people have noticed me. i love it. just practice, practice, practice.

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