Do you want to become famous? Do you want to be a celebrity? Do you have dreams of having the money, power and the respect? Well you are not alone as in this day and age it seems many people want to become famous and some will stop at nothing to get it!

Become Famous Worldwide

how to become famous

There are many ways to become famous and there are also many different degrees of fame too. So for example, someone like Michael Jackson was world famous to the point where almost everyone on the planet knows who he is. If you meet someone who hasn’t heard of Michael Jackson you would probably look at them in a funny way. He is someone who was at the very highest degree of fame. That might be the type of fame you are craving for but you can also just be famous in your local area or within your niche. These days you have people like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga who might well follow suit.

Become Famous in your Local Territory

So an example of someone who is just famous within their niche would be a soccer star like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. They are both massively famous within their respected countries and around Europe but both could easily walk around many states in the USA without anyone having any idea who they are. This is a good type of fame to have as you can easily “get away from it all” from time to time.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Become Celebrity Famous

Then you have the type of lower degree fame whereby many people know your name and know who you are but there is also a similar amount of people who don’t. This is the type of fame many actors, TV presenters, pop stars all regularly achieve. Many people dream of becoming a famous singer and it can be nice to be admired for such a talent.

Become Infamous

Then there are the people who become famous purely for doing or being involved with something negative. This is the type of fame that noone really wants and is more suited to criminals and serial killers. For example, the Kray twins in the UK gained extreme fame for being nothing but gangsters who ruined a lot of people’s lives. They sold books and had movies made about them and they were famous however this is the type of fame you should want to stay away from.

Become Famous for doing nothing

There now seems to be a new breed of celebrity that is famous for actually doing hardly anything at all. People like Kim Kardashian are famous without having any real talent. Some would argue they are famous for being business people but then I wouldn’t put Kim Kardashian in the same boat as Donald Trump! There isn’t actually anything wrong with being famous for doing nothing and if you can pull it off then you will have a nice life. These days anyone can do it as it’s not hard to become famous on youtube or even via facebook or twitter.

So there are many different ways to become famous and you can even become famous online these days which pretty much means you are famous worldwide.

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    celebrity in education is my dream because i devoted time to learn but i think people i mean our education system has not reward me for being throu you i expect to be famousbfor the rest of my life

  • aslam khan says:

    i like to become a famouse that is my dream i can do everything which famouse man need plz give me your favoure i dont have money to get a book plz sir

  • Saud ahmad says:

    I am a story writer i have a brilliant Hollywood movie story but i have no idea to share PLZ help me.

  • nikita says:

    It has Been my dream to become famous every since i was small but becoming famous come with a biger job and more attention it also comes with a lot of education and stuff
    but i would reallly reallly love how to become famous but im only 13

  • John says:

    Just sell your soul to Satan and offer mind control mkultra for stardom it’s easy and pretty simple 😉

  • Leslie Nabor says:

    My Dream is to become a Singer& a actress. I’ve started singing when I was 3 years old. I first started singing filipino songs cuz I’m filipino and then I moved to Lanai Hawaii then saw this show ‘WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE’ and I decided to watch it everyday. I realized Selena Gomez was a singer too so shes the person I look up to. She’s my role model no matter what.

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